Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Kate Middleton to Launch New 'All-American' Style?

Kate Middleton has done wonders for the fashion industry. Her unique wedding dress, which spawned millions of look-alikes to the care, she took in selecting British designers (especially from her favorite shop Reiss, whose website she has crashed twice) whatever Kate wears is suddenly the next must have item.

Kate’s style is one of elegance, with her wardrobe full of midi-heels, cardigans and knee length dresses, which Kate pulls off perfectly, looking every inch the princess but now it seems the fashion world want her to try a different look.

Franscisco Costa, the man in charge of design at Calvin Klein, has revealed that he believes he could transform Catherine into a style icon, by making her an all-American girl. He complimented her athletic look, great teeth and great hair, and stated that he would love to dress her.

It's no surprise, really, when you consider what Kate can do for the brands she loves. The makers of her wedding perfume have released figures showing they gained £1 million through the 'Kate Effect', and L.K. Bennett, who make Kate's favourite nude pumps, have made enough to open a string of stores in America.

So all that remains to be seen is whether Kate - who takes her fashion choices very seriously - will respond to Costa's request. She has so far been very loyal to British brands, although she did mix in some International designers when visiting the relevant countries on tour earlier this year.

Calvin Klein has a string of other models, including Elle Macpherson and Yasmin Le Bon, who are always spotted wearing the latest designs and getting the Duchess of Cambridge on board can be the biggest profit-boost yet.

Perhaps she could launch a new maternity line? Kate and William are said to be desperate for children and with Kate recently putting on weight and Royal sources whispering about children sooner rather then later, the next thing Kate makes massive might be fashionable and elegant clothes for the expecting lady.